What can you win?


The winner(s) of the Sustainability Challenge will have the opportunity to implement their solution(s) in the new building (Carré) and/or on the Plaza. They will benefit from the increased visibility of the solution(s), the proof of concept (POC) and potential future business opportunities with the two renowned companies Vattenfall and EDGE.

Applicants who win the Pitch Day event move on to the co-creation phase. If they have participated successfully, they will receive a stipend of 5,000 euros.

The total budget for the realisation and implementation of the winning solution(s) is 100,000 euros. This includes the total costs of the winning solution(s) as well as all stipends and other compensation paid to the participants during the Sustainability Challenge. If there is more than one winning solution, the budget will be divided among the winning solution(s).

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