Forsmark nuclear power plant

Forsmark nuclear power plant is one of the largest power plants in Sweden.

We are situated on the east coast, in the region of Uppland. Forsmark has three boiling water reactors that generate 20-25 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in a normal year. This is approximately one sixth of Sweden's total electrical energy consumption.

Forsmark guidelines due to covid-19

Forsmark follows Vattenfall and the authorities' guidelines, and works actively to limit the spread of the covid-19 corona virus. Actions are made to ensure our ability to safely produce electricity in both short and long term.

All employees and consultants must follow Forsmark and Vattenfall precautions and guidelines.

Requirements and guidelines for testing external personnel carrying out work at Forsmark's facilities:

Based on the requirements and recommendations issued by the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden concerning entry into Sweden, Forsmark has decided that the following guidelines will apply until further notice:

External personnel who will be working at Forsmark must be able to show one of the following upon arrival:

  • Covid-19 certificate. For the certificate to be valid, the second dose must have been taken at least two weeks before arrival.

  • Negative Covid test certificate according to approved test method. The test results must be no older than 48 hours from the time of testing.

  • Valid Covid-19 recovery certificate.

  • Personnel working at Forsmark may be subjected to additional testing if the need arises.

  • Exemptions from the current guidelines can only be granted by the CEO/deputy CEO.

  • Study visits and guided tours are canceled until further notice.

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Swedish Public Health Agency
Information from Public healthcare

About Forsmark

Forsmark is the most recently built nuclear power plant in Sweden. The three reactors were all commissioned between 1980 and 1985.

Current production

Forsmark 1: Normal operation.
Forsmark 2: Normal operation.
Forsmark 3: Shutdown due to scheduled outage. 

This indicates current operation and production at Forsmark. The chart is regularly updated with current operational data, see time indication. The text is updated during office hours. During normal operation, temporary adjustments of power can be made depending on demand of electricity.

Contractors and consultants

A man scanning his security pass at a gate

Before you can come and work at Forsmark, we need several certificates from you.

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You must complete certain courses to gain access to and work at Forsmark.

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See the answers to some frequently asked questions by consultants at Forsmark.

Agreements and requirements

Read and download PAKT documents, requirements for electrical equipment and agreements that apply to contractors at Forsmark.

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