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PAKT – requirements for mechanical and electrical equipment

The PAKT documents contain technical provisions and specifications for Sweden's nuclear power plants. On this page you will also find requirements for electrical equipment.
Requirements for electrical equipment


PAKT definitions (PDF 266 kB)


Technical notice to the documents: ABM, KBM, TBM and TBV, edition 1 (PDF 56 kB)


PBM2 edition 6E (PDF 388 kB)
PBM2 appendix (PDF 518 kB)
SQC Qualification process (PDF 724 kB)


Technical regulations for mechanical equipment, edition 7 (PDF 1 MB)

TBM specifications

101 Specification for piping (DOC 65 kB)
102 Valve specification (DOCX 67 kB)
103 Control valve specification (DOCX 70 kB)
104 Specification for safety valve (DOC 109 kB)
106 Pump specification (DOC 180 kB)
107 Heat exchanger specification (DOCX 65 kB)


Quality regulations for mechanical equipment, edition 7 (PDF 518 kB)

Plant-specific supplements may apply, check with your contact.

Requirements for electrical equipment

As a supplier to the nuclear power plants, you can download copies here of documents concerning requirements for the delivery of equipment within the electrical field.

The documents describe technical requirements, requirements on quality assurance and inspections in connection with the delivery of components and equipment within the field of electrical engineering. The documents are part of a common package of documents belonging to the Swedish nuclear power plants.

Download documents

KBE – Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment
TBE – Quality and Inspection Requirements for Electrical Equipment


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