Hirddywel, Powys

Our work in mid Wales is ongoing, as we look to explore the potential through our portfolio of projects in the region.

Hirddywel Wind Farm is a nine turbine wind farm proposal in Powys, Mid Wales. The project is currently in the planning process.

Image taken from the ground, of a wind turbine propellers with a blue an cloudy sky in the background.

The Hirddywel project is currently in the planning process.

The Hirddywel site is located approximately 6.5km south of Llanidloes, Powys. The site is to the south of an existing wind farm – Llandinam P&L Wind Farm – and is within one of seven Strategic Search Areas (SSAs) designated by the Welsh Government for the development of large scale wind energy projects.

In 2010, the Hirddywel Wind Farm application was submitted to Powys County Council for planning determination. The submission followed a detailed programme of engagement with local communities to develop the best possible wind farm proposal for the site. A number of changes were made to the project as a result of this work:

  • The number of turbines were reduced from 13 to 9 to respond to concerns about the visual/landscape impacts of the proposal, and views from communities.
  • Turbines were located as far east as possible to increase the distance between the turbines and the closest communities.
  • Ideas for habitat management proposals were developed
  • Ideas have been received about the potential of the project’s community benefit package.
  • Work has been undertaken with Public Rights of Way Officers to explore potential improvements to current routes across the site.

Key facts

Electricity capacity Up to 27 MW
No of Turbines 9
Current status In planning


Winter treess
Jonny Hewett
Project manager

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