Parc Cynog

Parc Cynog Wind Farm has been in operation for 18 years.

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The initial five turbine project at Parc Cynog started its operational life in 2001. It was extended in 2009 and today 11 turbines are in operation at Parc Cynog. Since then it has developed into a wind and solar renewable energy park.

Image of solar panels in front of a wind turbine.

Parc Cynog has both wind turbines and solar panels.

The project makes an important contribution to the Welsh economy, with around £400,000 invested into the Welsh economy through the maintenance, servicing and operation of the site.

The site is popular with local schools, and has hosted hundreds of school children who come to learn more about the project and life on the farm at Parc Cynog.

Key facts

No of turbines 11
Installed capacity 8.4 MW
Operational 2001

Working with the local community

In 2010, the project's community fund was launched with an open day at the wind farm. Local schools were involved in designing the logo for the wind farm. More than 200 local residents attended the launch, sharing their hopes and ideas for the community fund.

In cooperation with the Castle Lloyd Farm landowners, Vattenfall opened up a woodland walk to the local community, which takes walkers through an unspoilt wooded valley. This habitat, which was previously hidden, is now open for residents and visitors to enjoy.


Winter rock scene
Peter Bartlett
Onshore Operations and Maintenance Manager South

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Parc Cynog wind and solar farm

Co-located with a wind farm, this project shares a grid connection.