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Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm

Vattenfall is developing a proposal for Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm, a 1.8 gigawatt (GW) capacity project that, if consented, would meet the equivalent electricity needs of 5% of UK households - around 1.3 million homes. The proposed development area is located adjacent to sister project Norfolk Vanguard, covers 725km2 and is approximately 72km from shore at its nearest point.

Image zoomed in on a Vattenfall employee, working from the top of a wind turbine located in the sea. More wind turbines and a small boat is in the background.

Norfolk Boreas is a planned offshore wind farm off the coast of Norfolk.

The scale of Norfolk Boreas means it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) under the Planning Act 2008. Following extensive pre-application consultation, we are now preparing to submit our Development Consent Order (DCO) to the Planning Inspectorate in summer 2019. Should the application be accepted for examination, we would anticipate hearings to follow in late 2019 and early 2020 with a decision next summer. 

More information

For more information on the examination of Norfolk Boreas and the NSIP process visit the PINS website.

Project documents

All consenting documents relating to the DCO application will be uploaded to the NSIP pages once submitted for consideration.

Image of wind turbines located in the sea, with one great wind turbine in the center of the image. Blue skies and blue water.

Norfolk Boreas Project Scenarios

It is important to note that the Norfolk Boreas DCO application will consider two scenarios. Scenario 1 is where both Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas are delivered and Scenario 2 is where only Norfolk Boreas is delivered. 

Scenario 1

Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas – Norfolk Vanguard proceeds to construction, and installs ducts and carries out other shared enabling works to benefit Norfolk Boreas. This scenario is optimal and the most probable outcome.

Scenario 2

Norfolk Vanguard does not proceed to construction and Norfolk Boreas proceeds alone. The Norfolk Boreas EIA will also consider associated constraints and opportunities, under Scenario 2 and undertakes all works required as an independent project.

Learn more

Get more information about the different potential scenarios for Vattenfall's Norfolk offshore wind projects in our consultation summary.


Sue Falch-Lovesey
Local Liaison Officer

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