Vattenfall in Norfolk

Information for Landowners

We have been in touch with a number of landowners and land occupiers to confirm details, request survey access and to offer meetings to discuss the projects. If you have not yet been contacted by Vattenfall representatives and feel that you should have been, please get in touch via the details below. 

Consent Solutions are the main point of contact for landowners in project area

Consents Solutions are your main point of contact for any questions or concerns relating to the project. They will be happy to visit your property to discuss the project with you.

Ardent Management are carrying out the Land Referencing process. The purpose of this is to ensure landowners and land occupiers have been identified and contacted for inclusion in correspondence going forward. 

Get in touch

For questions about the project or to arrange a meeting, please contact Consent Solutions:

Key contact: Bob McCarthy
Mobile: +44 07787 783517
Phone: +44 01223 859221

Contact us

If you believe you have an interest but have not received any documentation, please contact Ardent Management:

Key contact: Peter Gibbard  
Mobile: +44 07917 341614 

See also

Image zoomed in on a Vattenfall employee, working from the top of a wind turbine located in the sea. More wind turbines and a small boat is in the background.

Vattenfall is developing a proposal for the 1.8GW Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm.

Image of a wind turbine located in the sea.

Vattenfall is developing a proposal for the 1.8GW Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm.

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