Fossil free electricity for your business

Vattenfall has over 100 years’ experience supplying electricity to large Industrial and Commercial businesses across Europe.

Secure your fossil free electricity from Vattenfall

Vattenfall’s purpose is to power climate smarter living and we are focused on working with business consumers to help them achieve fossil free living within one generation.

We can help you to find the best solution for your business from our range of flexible products, regardless of size and power consumption. We offer tailored energy solutions, valuable analysis tools and sustainable electricity.

Fossil free electricity for business

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Power Purchase Agreements

Find out more about Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements

Vattenfall has a wealth of experience in delivering Power Purchase Agreements across Europe. We can offer business consumers the opportunity to purchase the amount of electricity they need in multiples of 1MW. We offer a range of Power Purchase Agreements across all renewable technologies.

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