About cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website requests to store on your computer.

You decide how your computer deals with cookies through your browser settings. See your browser's help pages for more information on how to block or remove cookies.

We make use of both first and third party cookies for different purposes. Some of the cookies on your computer are removed when you leave our website (session cookies), but others remain for up to two years so that the website can recognise you from time to time, if you return (permanent cookies).

We do not register any information about the visitor's IP address, so the information can never be connected to you personally.

According to the law on electronic communication (2003:389), everyone who visits a website with cookies should have access to information that tells them that the website is using cookies and the purpose of using these cookies. The visitor should also give their consent to the use of cookies.

We use the following cookies on our website:


These cookies are necessary to run the core functionalities of this website, e.g. security related functions. Without these cookies, we cannot guarantee that the website is functioning properly.


These cookies are anonymous and used to analyze and remember what choices you have made and how you as a visitor use our website. They also help us monitor performance as well as identify and address any issues as effectively as possible. In order to keep track of which pages are most visited on our website and to be able to offer relevant content for you as a customer, these feature cookies are needed. This in turn helps us to keep our website up to date and for you as a customer to make the experience smoother and easier to use. It is also this type of cookie that can be used in collaboration with our developers. These cookies do not collect information that can be associated with you as an individual and are completely anonymous.


Vattenfall also uses third-party cookies for marketing purposes to show you our advertisements (only ours) on other relevant websites to your interest. We may use the advertising technologies of external suppliers to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of online ads that we place on our own website and other websites. This technique is called retargeting and we also ask your permission for these cookies, as they allow us to track which website you came from to get to ours. This allows us to measure how effective our ads on other websites are.

We save this data in your anonymous profile. If you later visit another website using the same advertising technology, the cookie on your computer is compared to the cookie data in our database. Based on your profile, we can then decide which ads to show you on the other website. Using this advertising technology, data about your use of our websites is stored with the external supplier whose advertising technology services we use. The external suppliers cannot identify the person that this data came from.

Vattenfall uses external platforms to communicate digitally, including Facebook, Google Marketing Platform and Linkedin. More information on which third party cookies are exactly used on our website are updated within our cookie statement soon with a cookie table to display the placed cookies, the goal and time limit. For more information on how Vattenfall handles personal data in connection with transfer to third parties, read our Privacy Policy.


We use these cookies to improve the user experience of our web site. For example we collect information on how you use the web site in order to make your experience more relevant and adapted to your preferences.