Discover how we’re part of transforming the steel industry today, so you can live fossil free tomorrow.

The biggest change in steel production in over 1,000 years 

The HYBRIT pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden.

HYBRIT stands for HYdrogen BReakthrough Ironmaking Technology. It’s an initiative where we aim to create fossil free steel using fossil free electricity and hydrogen with the goal of fully eliminating CO2 emissions throughout the value chain from mining to steel production.

We launched the initiative in 2016 together with our partners LKAB and SSAB.  Thanks to HYBRIT we are now one step closer to fossil free living within one generation. 

A metal that can reduce global CO2 emissions by 7%

Steel is essential for all our lives, but steel production accounts for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil free steel provides us with the real possibility of dramatically reducing those emissions and helping us achieve our goal of fossil free living within one generation.

It will also help us meet UN Sustainable Development Goals 11 (Sustainable cities and communities), 12 (Responsible consumption and production), 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) and 17 (Partnerships).

“The HYBRIT project is a lighthouse initiative for us that will also strengthen the competitiveness of all the partners in the initiative. The transition is already in the making.”  – Anna Borg, President and CEO of Vattenfall.

Rethinking what we consider valuable

 Stefflon Don showing fossil free grillz

Humans have always made the most valuable metals into jewellery, from rings to necklaces to grillz. But what is our most valuable metal today? Is it the one that costs us the most or the environment the least?

To highlight just how important fossil free steel is, we partnered with UK rapper and singer Stefflon Don to show how we are rethinking what's valuable.

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