What are the participation criteria?


To participate in the Sustainability Challenge, you should have experience and positive references in sustainability projects.

Whether you are a start-up, an artist or designer – your solution must have a visible or visualised impact with a clear message for inhabitants and visitors in order to entice their ecological behaviour and awareness.

The following criteria are not essential but will increase the final scoring of the applications:

  • High level of aesthetics and design
  • Flexibility of implementation and integration
  • Interactive and user engaging solution
  • No (or low) maintenance costs
  • Highly innovative solution (product or service)
  • Measurable climate impact (e.g., CO2 emissions reduction, energy savings, water savings, waste reduction etc.)
  • Measurable improvement of long-term economics of the building (e.g. through above mentioned savings)
  • Technological and commercial scalability of the solution
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