Pieter van Ommeren and Bas Klaassen

McDonald's and Nuon introduce fast charging at more than 160 locations

Nuon and McDonald's have reached an agreement to start placing 168 fast charging stations, each with two fast charging points, from the end of 2018. Every McDonald's branch in the Netherlands with a McDrive will have two fast charging points installed.

This collaboration brings McDonald's an important step closer to its goals for making all its restaurants more sustainable. Nuon and McDonald's have pooled their expertise and the scale of their operations to provide for the growing need for electric mobility in the Netherlands.

The first fast charging point will be installed at the end of 2018, after which another 167 fast charging stations will be installed, each with two charging points, phased throughout the next three years. The collaboration enables drivers of electric vehicles to charge their car throughout the country within half an hour using green electricity fully generated by Dutch wind turbines.

Pieter van Ommeren and Bas Klaassen

"This agreement signifies an important step, together with Nuon, in adding to the achievement of our goals for making our restaurants more sustainable. We are using our scale of operations to work towards climate-neutral construction, operations and logistics. We are extremely happy that this collaboration will allow us to offer those of our customers driving electric vehicles the convenience of a fast charging point with good facilities on the road. Drivers of electric vehicles can continue their journey within half an hour and still have time for a cup of good coffee. The fast charging stations run entirely on green electricity", says Bas Klaassen, Director Development Real Estate & Construction at McDonald's.

"We're very proud of this collaboration", adds Pieter van Ommeren, Director Emobility Netherlands at Nuon/Vattenfall. "Nuon and Vattenfall aim to make a fossil fuel-free life possible at home, at work and on the road, which is why we have been active in electric transport for almost 10 years, both in public, at home and in business. It gives an enormous boost to electric transport in the Netherlands to be able to unite our expertise with the scale of operations of McDonald's. For all Dutch motorists to be able to drive electric, a good infrastructure with sufficient easily-accessible charging points is essential. Today, Nuon and McDonald's have taken a major step forward towards that."

Need for electric fast charging in the Netherlands

The number of fully electric cars in the Netherlands is on the rise. On 1 January 2018, statistics by the CBS (Statistics Netherlands) showed an increase of 60% in relation to the previous year, with a total of more than 22,000 electric vehicles on Dutch roads at present. The range of electric vehicles is not always large enough to get from A to B. The installation of the network of fast charging points that Nuon and McDonald's are to roll out throughout the Netherlands offers a solution for electric transport on the road.

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