NunaX went up in flames. Photo: Jorrit Lousberg
Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

NunaX in flames after dramatic last race day Vattenfall Solar Team

Port Augusta – NunaX, the solar car of the Vattenfall Solar Team went up in flames. Driver Tim van Leeuwen is unharmed. He managed to leave NunaX in time.


Dramatic last race day

The team's final victory was within reach on the last day of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. With still 300 kilometers to go, the team was first in the general classification.

Unfortunately, the dream of the Delft students came to an end. It is the first time of the reigning world champion in twenty years of participating in the race that the finish line will not be reached.

The reason for the fire is yet unclear. Further investigation will be carried out during the coming days.

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Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

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