Vattenfall’s new heat pump provides homeowners an alternative to gas

Vattenfall has launched a high-temperature heat pump system that can replace the central heating boiler in one go. The heat pump system is designed to become a simple and affordable alternative to the gas-fired central heating boiler. The roll-out will first take place in the Netherlands, followed by other countries for which this solution is suitable.

The high-temperature heat pump system has been specially developed for existing single-family homes that are heated by gas boilers with radiators, and that are moderately insulated.

“A single-family home can be made natural gas-free in two days with this new, innovative heat pump. To heat these homes with traditional heat pumps that supply low or medium temperature heat, expensive preparatory measures are required. In many cases, this means installing underfloor heating and/or extensive post-insulation of the home. Vattenfall sees that these costs, soon around EUR 25,000, the 'hassle' of the work and the long lead time are a major obstacle for homeowners to make the step to fully electric heating,” says Cindy Kroon's office, Head of Customers & Solutions in the Netherlands

The smart combination of an effective electric heat pump, a layered buffer tank and an intelligent control makes the high-temperature heat pump system suitable for existing homes and simply replaces the central heating boiler.

Mid 2022 on the market

Vattenfall is convinced that with the high-temperature heat pump system, more homeowners will want to make the switch to natural gas-free heating. Vattenfall expects the first heat pumps to be delivered in the Netherlands from mid-2022.

The price of the high-temperature heat pump will be comparable to that of the current all-electric heat pump systems, but without the expensive and far-reaching preparatory measures. Moreover, the system is normally energy-cost neutral and makes the resident independent of the rising gas price.

The buffer of the system functions as a heat battery that is used for both supplying heat to the radiators and for producing hot tap water. Just like in most central heating boilers, the tap water is made on demand and legionella safe via an integrated tap water station. A boiler is therefore not necessary.

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