Vattenfall charges the buses of the future with electricity

The future is now. The bus service of the future starts today with route 73 in Stockholm, and the buses are a completely new type of plug-in hybrid. They can be rapid charged at terminuses and with a full battery they can run for up to seven kilometres – quietly and emissions-free – entirely on electricity.

The eight buses, manufactured by Volvo, will operate on route 73 between Ropsten and Karolinska Institutet. Compared to conventional diesel-driven buses, the plug-in hybrids have 75 per cent lower fuel consumption and a 90 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions since the buses run on electricity and biodiesel. In this case, using wind power from Vattenfall. The total energy saving is approx. 60%. The buses are considerably quieter than standard diesel buses: the noise level when running on electricity is on a level with a normal conversational tone.
“Electricity is an important part of the transport system of the future. Infrastructure for electrification is important for cleaner and quieter public transport. Vattenfall’s involvement in the project allows us to demonstrate the fuel of the future for an entire bus route in actual traffic,” says Andreas Regnell, Head of Strategy, Vattenfall Region Nordic.

Facts about the demonstration project in Stockholm:

  • The purpose is to demonstrate and assess plug-in hybrid buses in regular bus traffic.
  • It comprises eight Volvo plug-in hybrid buses and two rapid charge points.
  • It will take place on SL route 73 between Ropsten and Karolinska Institutet.
  • The project is funded by the EU and the demonstration phase will continue until the end of 2016/start of 2017, after which it will focus on continuous commercial operation.

The main players and participants in the project are: SL, Volvo Buses, Vattenfall and Viktoria Swedish ICT. Vattenfall: Builds rapid charging points and is responsible for them, as well as providing wind power; Volvo: Provides buses and is responsible for them; SL: Traffic client and responsible for bus depot; Viktoria Swedish ICT: Research partner and responsible for assessment.
Partners: Siemens: Supplies rapid charge points; Keolis: Bus operator.

For more information please contact:
Carina Netterlind, press officer, +46 (0)76 103 66 62

From Vattenfall's Press Office, tel: +46 (0)8 739 50 10, email:

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