Vattenfall will install 200 new charging points in Norway

Norwegian dairy producer Tine SA has signed a five-year agreement with Vattenfall to facilitate electric car charging at Tine's plants. The cooperation is an important step in Tine's work to reduce its climate impact, and 200 charging points will initially be connected to the charging solution InCharge from Vattenfall.

Tine is Norway's leading dairy company, with 30 diaries and two central warehouses, and has over 2,000 parking spaces. The first step is to install 200 charging points before summer 2020, to be provided to visitors and employees.

"The transition to electric operation is happening really fast in Norway, and the need for charging is expected to increase dramatically. We are pleased that Tine has chosen our charging solution InCharge. We see that more and more companies ask for a convenient, smart total solution with hardware, a payment solution and installation, which we can offer. We are also looking at possibilities for investing in our own charging stations on Tine's property," says Susanna Hurtig, Nordic Head of E-mobility at Vattenfall.

Tine has a clear sustainability goal for 2025: zero carbon dioxide emissions from its operations and the use of only renewable energy and fuels. Vattenfall wants to enable a fossil-free living in one generation.

"It's important for us to do what we can to contribute to a sustainable life. The complex and yet simple charging solution suits us well, Vattenfall has a great deal of knowledge about the whole energy system. This is obviously important, as electrification is such an important part of the climate transition," says Jimmy Klinteskog, Head of Purchasing at Tine SA.

The parties are also conducting discussions concerning broader cooperation to find further smart solutions to reduce Tine's climate impact.

"InCharge has the advantage that we already have many partnerships in place in Europe, we are enjoying strong international growth, and this strength gives us a considerable advantage. We want to make it simple for Norwegian electric car drivers to charge, regardless of where they are," says Susanna Hurtig, Nordic Head of E-mobility at Vattenfall.

Facts: Tine is getting Vattenfall's operator service InCharge Smart Employee and Smart Visitor, which includes payment services, administration of the charging stations and maintenance service. Hardware: CTEK with a capacity from 3.7 to 22 kW, produced in Sweden. Installation partner in Norway is Mesta AS.


For further information, please contact:
Vattenfall’s Press Office, telephone, +46 8 739 50 10,
TINE´s Communications Dept, telephone, + 47 482 30 994,

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