New cooperation will enable fast charging in Northern Norway

Ishavskraft AS, one of Norway's largest power suppliers, is initiating a collaboration with Vattenfall and ABB. The companies will facilitate charging of electric cars in Northern Norway by installing and operating 24 new fast charging stations in the areas around Tromsö and Finnmark.

Norway's goal is that 100 per cent of all new car sales are fossil free by 2025. In order to achieve this it is important to have charging infrastructure in place in all parts of the country. Seven power suppliers in the north have now chosen, together with Ishavskraft AS, to collaborate with Vattenfall and ABB to expand the charging possibilities in Northern Norway.

“This collaboration is very exciting, and the addition of fast chargers will be highly significant for Northern Norway. After all, Vattenfall's objective is to enable fossil free living within one generation, so being able to now offer InCharge charging solutions from Southern Germany to the North Cape in Northern Norway feels absolutely right,” says Susanna Hurtig, Nordic Head of E-mobility at Vattenfall. She adds:

“The substantial growth in the number of electric cars in Norway has been stimulated by subsidies, while the expansion of the charging infrastructure has fallen behind.”

Vattenfall has a supplier contract with ABB and delivers an overall solution to Ishavskraft AS comprising fast charging stations that are pre-configured in relation to InCharge, Vattenfall's operator service for charging.

“When the new charging network is completed around the turn of the year, the ABB chargers will constitute a string of changing points from south to north. Electric car users will be able to use electricity to drive throughout Norway and simply charge alongside the roads. Electric cars with zero emissions contribute to several of the UN's sustainability objectives and demonstrates that electrification is playing an important role in cutting emissions,” says Gøran Salomonsen, CEO of ABB Electrification Norway AS.

Facts: ABB has a fast charger of 50 kW (Terra 54 CJ) at every charging station, one of 175 kW (Terra HP 175D) which can be upgraded to 350 kW and one charger of 22 kW from GARO (LS4). The stations are connected to InCharge. Besides acting as operator, Vattenfall is responsible for the customer interface comprising an app and a charging card, payment, monitoring and customer support.


For further information, please contact:
Vattenfall Press Office, +46 8 739 50 10,
Even Fladberg, ABB Press Office, +47 46 81 44 83,

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