Vattenfall supports Conapto’s data centres with 24/7 electricity matching

New fossil-free energy agreement, and a 24/7 Matching solution, has been signed between Vattenfall and Swedish colocation data centre operator Conapto with two data centres and headquarter in Stockholm.

The unique 24/7 Matching solution was introduced to the market after the successful pilot that was done together with Microsoft in 2019. Data centre Conapto is now the first company after Microsoft to implement the 24/7 Matching solution in its operations starting 1 November.

“The 24/7 Matching solution is a perfect match to data centres. Businesses can see if their commitment to 100 per cent renewable energy covers every hour of consumption and translates sourcing of renewable energy into climate impact. Conapto has high renewable ambitions so our electricity labelled EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) from hydro and wind power and the possibility to see consumption is truly a good example of how Vattenfall enables fossil-free living in a transparent way,” says Matts Wesslén, Head of Business Sales Nordics Vattenfall.

Vattenfall matches consumption with chosen production hour-by-hour using SmartUtility built on Microsoft Azure IOT.

Conapto has a clear goal of sustainability thorough the whole value chain. Conapto has been using Guarantees of Origin (GOs), for over ten years in its data centres in Sätra and Sollentuna, Sweden. Conapto can now see what energy they get in near real time, on a dashboard that they can also share with employees, customers and other stakeholders.

“This is a completely new level of transparency where we, with the help from Vattenfall, can get the energy we want, every hour. We can monitor that our commitment to 100 per cent fossil-free energy covers each hour of consumption and learn how our consumption fits the production profile of the sources we prefer as well as show it in real time to our customers. We can also adjust our consumption to better fit the availability of a certain kind of electricity produced. This is truly a big step forward for us and our customers in our mission to be the greenest data centre operator in Stockholm,” says Håkan Björklund CEO of Conapto.

More information:
Vattenfall 24/7 Matching solution

For further information, please contact:
Heidi Stenström, Press contact Vattenfall Nordics +46 8 739 50 10,
Stefan Nilsson, CCO of Conapto, +46 70 823 75 23,

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