Vattenfall AB’s Extraordinary General Meeting 2022

Vattenfall AB's Extraordinary General Meeting (ExGM) was held on Thursday, December 22. The ExGM decided, in two steps, to transfer funds from the company’s restricted capital to the unrestricted capital.

Vattenfall’s owner was represented at the EGM voting by Matilde Abejon, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Finance.

Extraordinary General Meeting decision:

The ExGM decided, in two steps, to transfer funds from the company's restricted capital to unrestricted capital in the parent company Vattenfall AB. The transfer is done for accounting purposes to improve Vattenfall's ability to pay a dividend in 2023, since dividends can only be taken from a company's unrestricted capital, according to corporate law provisions.

In a first step, the ExGM resolved on a bonus issue by increasing the company's share capital of SEK 6 585 000 000 by SEK 39 274 880 000 by transfer of SEK 37 989 200 000 from the revaluation reserve and transfer of SEK 1 285 680 000 from the statutory reserve to the share capital. After the bonus issue, the company's share capital amounted to SEK 45 859 880 000. No new shares should be issued. However, through the bonus issue, the quota value of the shares increased.

In the next step, the ExGM resolved on a reduction in the share capital with the purpose of provision for non-restricted equity. The share capital was thereby reduced by SEK 39 274 880 000. After completion of the reduction, the company's share capital amounts to SEK 6 585 000 000, divided into a total of 131 700 000 shares, each share with a quota value of SEK 50. The reduction of the share capital should  take place without withdrawal of shares.

In order to perform these changes in the company’s share capital, amendments to the provision on Share capital in the company’s Articles of Association were adopted in two steps. After all measures have been taken, the wording of the Articles of association will however bethe same as before the ExGM.

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