Vattenfall secures new credit facility

Vattenfall has secured a credit facility of EUR 3 billion, which is replacing bilateral facilities of EUR 4.3 billion that were established in 2022.

The bilateral facilities were established for the purpose of securing Vattenfall’s liquidity during last year’s very volatile energy market. Since then, progress has been made in order to restructure the business for the purpose of reducing the inherent liquidity risks of Vattenfall’s business model. Together with a more stable energy market, this has led to a reduced need for liquidity. The new credit facility amounts to EUR 3 billion.

- Following a strong show of support from the banking partners, who were prepared to commit a significantly higher amount than requested, the new facility is established together with a group of close relationship banks, says Maria Paulinz, Head of Treasury at Vattenfall.

The facility was coordinated by Danske Bank, Nordea and Societe Generale.

For further information, please contact:

Johan Sahlqvist, Head of Group Control and Investor Relations, +46 (0) 722 40 51

Vattenfall press office +46 (0) 873 50 10


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