Vattenfall's Annual General Meeting 2023

Vattenfall AB's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday April 26. Among other things, the AGM decided on a dividend payout of SEK 4 billion to its owner, the Swedish State. Also, three new members were elected to the board and two members left the board.

Vattenfall’s owner was represented at the AGM voting by  Gustaf Hygrell, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Finance.

Annual General Meeting decisions:

Adoption of balance sheet and income statement

The AGM adopted the income and balance sheet for Vattenfall AB and the Vattenfall Group.


The AGM decided on a dividend distribution of SEK 4 000 000 000 to the owner of the parent company for 2022.

Discharge of liability

The AGM decided to discharge the members of the board and the CEO from liability.

Renumeration report and guidelines for renumeration 

The AGM approved the renumeration report for 2022 and the board's proposal for guidelines for remuneration to senior executives. The guidelines are designed in accordance with the Swedish Government’s principles for remuneration and are published at the Vattenfall website under the headline corporate governance. Corporate governance - Vattenfall

Election of board members

The AGM decided that the number of AGM-elected members should be eight in number. Mats Granryd was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. Ann Carlsson Meyer, Håkan Erixon, Daniel Kristiansson and Fredrik Rystedt were re-elected. Ingemar Engkvist, Per Lindberg and Carola Puusteli were elected as new board members. Viktoria Bergman and Tomas Kåberger left the board.

Remuneration to the board 

The AGM decided on a remuneration fee of SEK 909,000 for the Chairman of the Board and SEK 417,000 for other board members. For work on the Audit Committee, a fee was set at SEK 111,500  for its chairman and SEK 84,500 for other members. A fee for work on the Remuneration Committee was set at SEK 61,800 for its chairman and SEK 46,300 for other members. No fees will be paid to employee representatives and those who are employed at the Swedish Government Offices.

Election of auditors and remuneration 

The accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AB was re-elected as auditor, with Eva Carlsvi as the auditor-in-charge. The AGM decided that the fee for the auditor’s work shall be paid as per approved invoice.

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