Community benefit and shared ownership

We follow the prevailing Scottish Government’s guidelines on community benefit of £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity. Based on the redesigned 16-turbine proposal, the 105.6MW redesigned Aultmore Wind Farm proposal could provide a community benefit fund of around £528,000 each year to the local community or around £18.4 million in community benefit over its 35-year life cycle.

The area of benefit would be established in consultation with the community, should the scheme receive consent. Usually, the communities that benefit are those closest to the proposal which host some of the infrastructure or which are impacted to a certain degree.

In September 2023, we held a community benefit workshop for local Community Councils and key anchor groups in response to the high level of interest in the potential benefit that the project could deliver to the area. Please click here to read our Community Benefit Fund Workshop Report.

We are also offering local communities and organisations the opportunity to invest in the project itself and will consult the community further on this should the project receive consent.

To find out more about Vattenfall’s approach to community benefit and shared ownership please click here