Wind projects in the UK

Why wind energy? 

The Climate Change Committee says that, by 2050, renewable energy could provide up to 90% of the energy we need.

Wind power will play a vital role in helping us to tackle climate change. It will provide the energy we need to fuel vehicles, heat buildings and power industries across the country. 

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm during construction

The wind industry is expected to generate thousands of skilled jobs across the UK.

We invest over £3mn into the local communities hosting our wind farm projects each year.

The environment

Environmental work at our wind farms is led by a team of experts. The programmes include work to support local wildlife and habitats, as well as major research and restoration projects.

Our UK wind farms

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre

A hub of offshore wind innovation.

A regional approach focused on communities, opportunities and fossil freedom.

Aerial photo of a wind farm with several wind turbines located in a lush green landscape.

The largest onshore wind farm in England and Wales. 


Battery at Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm

This battery project helps to keep a stable supply of electricity to the National Grid.

Battery@Ray is a 20 MW / 45.5 MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) co-located at Ray W...

Wind and battery projects in development, construction and operation