Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest energy companies.

We are one of Europe’s largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat. Our goal is fossil freedom.

Vattenfall’s main markets are Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. The group has approximately 21,000 employees.

The Parent Company, Vattenfall AB, is 100% owned by the Swedish state, and its headquarters are in Solna, Sweden.


Vattenfall is Denmark’s largest offshore wind operator, and is also active in onshore wind, charging solutions and electricity supply.


Vattenfall is Finland's third largest seller of electricity and also has hydropower production in the country.


Vattenfall is a key player in the electricity and gas supply market in France and plans to expand in offshore wind production.


Germany is one of Vattenfall’s main markets with extensive operation in electricity, heat and gas supply.

The Netherlands

Vattenfall in the Netherlands produces and supplies electricity, gas, heat and cooling, and offers a wide range of energy-saving products and services.


Vattenfall in Norway offers solutions for large industries and also has activities within offshore wind.


Sweden is our largest market with extensive operation in electricity generation and distribution, as well as district heating.

United Kingdom

Vattenfall has been in the UK since 2008 and is a key partner in enabling the UK to reach net zero.

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