Environment at our UK wind farms

Delivering fossil free electricity must be done in a way that protects biodiversity.

Investing in environmental research is essential to build our knowledge and understanding, protecting and improving local wildlife and habitats. 

In the last five years we have invested in more than twenty five environmental research programmes. The programmes all focus on addressing key knowledge gaps vital for future deployment of fossil free electricity, as well as improving our understanding of the best ways to minimise impacts on species during the construction and operational phases of our wind farms.

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Find out more about why the protection of biodiversity is part of our mission.

Specialists in the field

Our environmental experts work out in the field at our wind farms. Each wind farm has its own bespoke monitoring and habitat management plan, developed through the planning process with input from expert groups. 

This work constantly improves our understanding of the ways in which wildlife and habitats responds and adapts to wind farms, and helps to inform our research programmes. 

EOWDC Science Programme

The 3 million Euro Science Programme at the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre in Aberdeen.

Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm

The Lost Peatlands Project and the Habitat Management Plan at Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm will kick-start one of the largest peatland restorations in southern Britain, also creating better opportunities for local communities, young people and visitors to engage with the environment.

Biodiversity at Vattenfall

Biodiversity is one of the most important environmental issues for Vattenfall. We continually work to prevent or minimise negative impacts on biodiversity.

Three questions for Helle Herk-Hansen on biodiversity

Head of Environment Helle Herk-Hansen explains why biodiversity is so important for Vattenfall and what measures it is taking to champion different species and natural habitats.

Environmental news

EOWDC Kittawake

New digital techniques to research sea bird movements at offshore wind test centre

Vattenfall is to start research into the impact of offshore wind turbines on sea birds at the EOWDC

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Reconstruction showing mesolithic hunters by waterside as might have been in Doggerland
Wessex Archaeology

Will the secrets of Doggerland be revealed by unique find at North Sea site?

Archaeologists analyse pre-historic seabed evidence recovered from offshore wind farm development area

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EOWDC and bird life
TVP Studios

First of kind bird study at offshore wind farm

Vattenfall calls on ornithologists to bid for research funding on Aberdeen project 

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