Vattenfall in Norfolk

Vattenfall is planning two offshore wind farms off the coast of Norfolk that could power more than 3.9mn UK homes. 

3.9 million. That's how many homes we expect Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas to power. That number has increased by 1.3mn from early predictions. Stronger winds, further out to sea, taller turbines, longer blades, cutting edge innovation - advancing technology and environmental understanding all play their part. We can capture and convert more wind energy at lower cost than ever before.

Assuming a load factor of 47.3%.

More information about load factors and the number of homes calculation can be found by following this link.

Image of a wind turbine located in the sea.

Vattenfall is developing a proposal for the 1.8GW Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm.

If you are a landowner in Norfolk find out how you can get in touch.

Image zoomed in on a Vattenfall employee, working from the top of a wind turbine located in the sea. More wind turbines and a small boat is in the background.

Vattenfall is developing a proposal for the 1.8GW Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm.

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Vattenfall has been in the United Kingdom for over ten years.