Energy trading

Business Area Markets is the commercial heart of Vattenfall's wholesale and sourcing activities where all asset optimisation and trading activities are centralised.

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  • We are a leading energy trading company in Europe and give reliable, responsible and flexible access to all relevant energy commodity markets: electricity, biomass, fuels, CO2, freight and green certificates.
  • We maximise the value of Vattenfall's portfolio and manage the risk by optimising and dispatching, hedging and sourcing for Vattenfall's assets and sales positions.
  • We source natural gas, biomass, CO2 certificates and green certificates  that are needed by Vattenfall and our customers.
  • We are a leading provider of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements supporting industrial customers to reach fossil freedom.
  • We partner up with owners and developers of solar parks and wind farms marketing their electricity and handling the balancing.
  • We optimise third party batteries and offer flexibility services to industrial consumers in Continental Europe.
  • We create additional value for Vattenfall by performing proprietary trading within the risk mandate that is set by Vattenfall's Board of Directors.

Our team consists of 450 highly-skilled experts from all over the world. We operate trade floors in Hamburg and Amsterdam. A small team based in Amsterdam serves our customers in the Netherlands.


  • 450 employees
  • More than 50 nationalities
  • Locations: Hamburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam

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