Hemweg coal fired-plant

Vattenfall welcomes the Dutch government decision on coal phase-out by 2024

The Hemweg coal fired-plant will close ten years ahead of its technical life. 

The Dutch Cabinet will introduce a law that prohibits the use of coal as a fuel for electricity production. Based on this proposed bill, Hemweg-8 coal-fired power plant will close early, at the end of 2024.

“After a coal phase-out discussion of over two years, we are pleased that with this decision the government has now provided clarity. Vattenfall/Nuon has been constructively involved in this discussion from the outset and has been willing to close the Hemweg-8 coal-fired power plant early - Hemweg-8 has a technical lifespan up until 2034,” says Alexander van Ofwegen, Head of Heat at Vattenfall/Nuon.

Vattenfall aims to create a fossil-free energy supply within one generation. With the closing of the Hemweg-8 coal-fired power plant, it will contribute to the CO2 objectives of the Netherlands and will take an important step towards the sustainable development of the Hemweg site.

At the gas-fired power plant Magnum at Eemshaven, Vattenfall is investigating the use of hydrogen instead of natural gas for electricity production. In the long run, Vattenfall would also be able to use the Hemweg-9 gas-fired power plant without any CO2 emissions.

Nuon is Vattenfall’s Dutch subsidiary.

By Lars-Magnus Kihlström

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