The first nacelle with Vattenfall’s new logo

Horns Rev 3 – first offshore wind farm with Vattenfall’s new logo

The first nacelle with Vattenfall’s new logo has arrived at the pre-assembly area in Esbjerg.

Horns Rev 3 will be the first offshore wind farm to carry Vattenfall’s new logo on its turbines and now the first nacelle with logo has arrived at the pre-assembly area at the harbour in Esbjerg where it awaits installation to start up in about four weeks.

The logo is part of the rebranding of Vattenfall along the lines of its new purpose: Power Climate Smarter Living. Vattenfall wants to help its customers reduce the need for fossil fuels and make it possible to become fossil free within one generation. The 406.7 MW Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm will be an important step in attaining this goal.

“We are proud that Horns Rev 3 will be the first offshore wind farm to feature the new logo. And we are equally proud that it is the first of four Danish offshore farms which together will make Vattenfall the biggest operator and owner of offshore wind in Denmark – the same position we enjoy in Denmark when it comes to onshore,” explains Martin Zappe, project director for Horns Rev 3.

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