Vattenfall Solar Team: A look back

Many highlights and a tragic low during the tenth participation of the Vattenfall Solar Team in the largest solar race in the world in Australia. 

For more than a year, the students of the Vattenfall Solar team have given everything they have to design and produce the best solar car in the world.

Because of that fantastic solar car NunaX and their sublime strategy, the team was in the lead during the last day of the largest solar race in the world in Australia.

A disastrous ending

A few hundred kilometers before the finish, NunaX went up in flames. A huge setback, but this does not prevent the team from pushing the boundaries and inspiring the world with the possibilities of fossil-free energy.

Future plans revealed in January

A look back at the exciting tenth participation of the Vattenfall Solar Team in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. For us they are champions! 

In January we will come back with information about the new team and the new car.

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 Vattenfall Solar Team 2020. Due to Coronavirus guidance, the Vattenfall Solar Team could not be photographed together. The team photo is made up of 17 individual photos.
Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

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