Comments regarding Swedish Radio broadcast solar cells from China

“Forced labor in any form is unacceptable. For Vattenfall it is of utmost importance to secure that products and material that we use are manufactured in a sustainable and responsible way,” says Annika Ramsköld, Vice President Sustainability Vattenfall.

“Last autumn the situation of the Uyghurs and that several international companies might be linked to forced labor in the Chinese region Xinjiang was brought to our attention. Thanks to media reports in January it came to our attention that there were indications of forced labor also connected to solar cell manufactures and their supply chains. There are no hard evidence of forced labor but strong indications trough credible media.

Immediately after this was brought to our attention we formed a working group within Vattenfall to find out as much as possible about the Uyghur situation. We have an ongoing dialogue with our Chinese suppliers. Due to the ongoing pandemic the review work is complicated due to travel restrictions, meaning that we cannot travel ourselves to visit and audit the suppliers on site. Of course all forms of forced labor are totally unacceptable and something that Vattenfall takes a clear stand against”, continues Annika Ramsköld.

“We urgently need more renewable energy capacity but it has to be produced in a sustainable way from all perspectives. We are therefore grateful that media shed lights on this question and the importance that we cooperate in order to create attention on this topic. This is not a matter only for the solar power industry itself, it is a broader question for several industries like tech and electronic, textile and auto industry,” concludes Annika Ramsköld.

Learn more about Vattenfall’s work on social responsibility and human rights here.

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