Vattenfall has delivered 32 fast chargers to Tide Bus in Denmark's fifth largest city, Vejle

Vattenfall in premiere project with fast chargers for Danish city buses

Vattenfall has delivered 32 fast chargers to Tide Bus in Denmark's fifth largest city, Vejle. The delivery is Vattenfall's first Power-as-a-Service project for passenger transport in Denmark and means that electric buses are now running in the city. The project will be followed by more.

For some weeks now, electric buses have been rolling every day in the streets of the Danish city of Vejle. The buses are operated by Tide Bus - one of Denmark's largest bus companies. Vattenfall is responsible for both the charging solution and the purchase and supply of electricity. Vattenfall has invested in, designed and constructed the electrical infrastructure and is now operating it.

“We are very proud that Tide Bus chose Vattenfall to develop and manage the operation of the fast chargers for its buses. In addition to producing fossil-free energy, we also help the transport sector and other industries to replace oil, gas and coal with electricity. Exactly what the city of Vejle and Tide Bus have done”, says Esben Baltzer Nielsen, Head of Vattenfall Network Solutions in Denmark and the Netherlands.

The charging stations are direct current fast chargers with functions for smart charging. Vattenfall's electricity supply to the buses is based on a spot price model.

“We collaborated with Tide Bus Denmark to produce a simulation of the buses' traffic patterns, and then we were able to design a charging system that was perfectly adapted to the buses' needs”, says Esben Baltzer Nielsen.

Vattenfall Network Solutions focuses on the electrification of heavy transport and industry. In the spring of 2022, a collaboration was presented to deliver charging infrastructure to the logistics company Instabox and their terminals in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

“There is enormous potential for the electrification of various processes in industry and the transport sector. Vattenfall has the knowledge and the opportunity and looks forward to helping more actors on their journey away from gas, oil and coal to electricity”, says Esben Baltzer Nielsen.

About Vattenfall:

  • Vattenfall is a European energy company with approximately 19,000 employees and is one of the leading energy companies in Northern Europe.
  • Vattenfall offers a variety of decentralised energy solutions on most of its markets, including electric vehicle charging, local power generation and heating solutions such as heat pumps and storage technologies.
  • Vattenfall also offers customised decentralised and integrated energy solutions to property owners.
  • Vattenfall Network Solutions develops and offers energy solutions for customers in the industry and transport sectors, among others. The Power-as-a-Service concept is an energy solution whereby Vattenfall takes full financial and functional responsibility for charging infrastructure solutions, batteries and high-voltage facilities for customers. This includes investment, ownership, project management, electrical safety responsibility and operation and maintenance responsibility for the charging infrastructure solution.


Esben Baltzer Nielsen
Head of Vattenfall Network Solutions in Denmark and the Netherlands: +45 2787 4974

Mads Krogh
Head of Public Affairs and Media Relations, Vattenfall in Denmark: +45 22 178 178

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