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Vattenfall receives top marks for its climate work

Vattenfall has received the highest rating in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) environmental disclosure ranking for 2023. Together with just under 400 companies all over the world, Vattenfall is placed on CDP’s ‘A list’ of companies who are recognised as ‘global leaders in environmental transparency’.

CDP, a non-profit global organisation, annually scrutinises companies all over the world on their work on climate change, deforestation or water security, based on a large number of information criteria. For 2023, over 21,000 companies were scrutinised and given a rating from A to D. Only 2 percent of those companies were given an A rating, among those was Vattenfall who received top marks for its climate work.

“Being a CDP A-listed company is an indication that your business constantly evolves with the latest climate requirements and needs for disclosure. I am extremely proud that Vattenfall is awarded with a top leadership score from CDP especially since they raise the bar for climate disclosure requirements constantly,” says Helle Herk Hansen, Head of Environment at Vattenfall.

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