Vattenfall's largest land-based wind power project receives environmental permit

The adjacent Norrbäck and Pauträsk wind project, which together make up Vattenfall's largest land-based wind power project to date, have received a final environmental permit. This means that Vattenfall now has the necessary permits for the plans for a wind farm with up to 111 wind turbines and a maximum output of 530 MW, which corresponds to electricity for approximately 300,000 households.

With an expected annual production of 2 TWh, the self-developed Norrbäck, together with the rights to the Pauträsk project for which Vattenfall holds an option, is an important addition to the production of fossil free energy. The two parks in Lycksele (Norrbäck) and Vilhelmina and Storuman (Pauträsk) municipalities strengthen Vattenfall's position as a leading wind power developer in the region and are a clear contribution to our work for fossil freedom.

“The fact that we now have the necessary permits for the Norrbäck and Pauträsk projects is welcome because the need for electricity, not least in northern Sweden, is expected to increase sharply”, says Marie Kimming, head of Vattenfall's land-based project development.

The next step in the development of the Norrbäck and Pauträsk projects will be an in-depth detailed planning of the design of the parks. An investment decision is expected to be made in 2025 and the current assessment is that construction can start in 2026.

Facts about Norrbäck and Pauträsk wind projects:

  • Will consist of 111 turbines of up to 200 meters in height.
  • Norrbäck and Pauträsk will have an output of about 530 MW and an annual production of approximately 2 TWh.
  • The wind projects are located in Lycksele, Wilhelmina and Storuman municipalities.

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