Vattenfall once again number one in biodiversity ranking

Vattenfall has once again taken first place in Ecogain’s European biodiversity index. In the ranking, Vattenfall gets the same score as the corresponding top spot in the US index.

Ecogain is a Swedish environmental consulting company that specializes in biodiversity and has since 2020 carried out rankings of large companies and their work to protect and strengthen nature as part of their business operations.

In this year’s ranking, Ecogain has expanded their evaluation – from companies in the Nordics and Baltics – to companies all over Europe. And like last year, Vattenfall takes the first place in the ranking for 2022. Vattenfall gets the same score as the top spot in Ecogain's US index, where 100 of the largest listed companies in the US have been reviewed.

Watch the video of CEO Anna Borg commenting on Vattenfall's top ranking in the Ecogain Biodiversity Index.

"At Vattenfall, we have an ambitious net positive approach for biodiversity and we work hard to deliver on it through scientific research programs, concrete biodiversity initiatives at our sites and through activities to enable measuring of biodiversity impacts and gains. I am very happy that we are so transparent with these efforts to be recognized as a leader in the Ecogain Biodiversity Index," says Helle Herk-Hansen, Vice President of Environment at Vattenfall.

Biodiversity is of great importance to Vattenfall’s business operations and also a way to be competitive. Vattenfall is recognized for ambitious target setting, biodiversity work across the whole value chain and for reporting on its engagement in different projects to reduce negative impact on biodiversity.

Learn more about the ranking: Ecogain Biodiversity Index
Learn more about Vattenfall’s environmental responsibility and biodiversity

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