Vattenfall builds wind farm Velinga

Vattenfall has taken an investment decision to start building an onshore wind farm in Velinga, outside Tidaholm, in the south of Sweden. Construction will start before year end and the wind farm will be ready for commission in early 2026.

The wind farm will have an output of 67 MW and an annual production of approximately 173 GWh.

“We are proud and happy to be able to start the construction of another wind farm in southern Sweden. We would like to thank landowners, municipalities, suppliers and other partners for good cooperation,” says Daniel Gustafsson, head of onshore wind development Sweden at Vattenfall.

Earlier this year, Vattenfall inaugurated Grönhult wind farm and also started the construction of the Bruzaholm wind farm, as well as two battery storage systems at our wind farms Höge väg and Hjuleberg wind farms. These projects are important contributions to the green transition and electricity supply in southern Sweden.     

Facts Velinga wind farm:

  • Will consist of 12 turbines of 180 meters in height.
  • Velinga will have an output of about 67 MW and an annual production of approximately 173 GWh.
  • The wind farm is expected to be commissioned in early 2026.

For further information, please contact:

Johan Sennerö, Vattenfall Media Relations +46-73 046 40 45


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