We believe there’s a metal more valuable than gold

Fossil free steel – a metal so valuable that it can reduce global CO2 emissions by up to 7%.

Everyone should be able to keep on flying

Electrofuel – the low emission synthetic jet fuel that could change our view on flying.

Electric cars shouldn’t come with range anxiety as standard

We’re expanding our InCharge charging network to remote parts of Europe.

Not all plastic has to be bad plastic

The technology to produce plastic without a drop of oil? We’re exploring it right now.

Windy weather isn’t necessarily bad weather

We’re currently building one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

Anybody should be able to live in a power station

Generating your own energy is becoming easier than ever.

Not all emissions have to pollute

We’re working to decarbonise industry by replacing fossil fuels with fossil free hydrogen.

Heating shouldn’t heat up the planet

Whether it's in London, Berlin, Amsterdam or Gustavsberg near Stockholm, at Vattenfall we're focusing on driving the heat transition where most people live, in cities.

Anna Borg, CEO Vattenfall
“We believe we can drive innovation through electrification.“