Our air traffic is trapped in an addiction to fossil fuels. Discover how we’re exploring electrofuel, produced with fossil free electricity and fossil free hydrogen.

Taking aviation to new heights

Airplane in the clouds

Today, 2/3 of Swedish carbon dioxide emissions come from industry and transport. That’s why Vattenfall is working with partners to help industry break free from its addiction to fossil fuels.

One industry where we aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels is the aviation industry. That’s why Vattenfall and ST1 have signed a letter of intent to develop a fossil free value chain for production of synthetic electrofuel.

Vattenfall and ST1 will jointly conduct a feasibility study, aiming at addressing the full value chain for production of electrofuel from offshore wind, starting in 2029 and gradually growing towards the target of one million cubic meters.

“I’m very glad we are partnering with St1, two companies sharing the ambition to fight climate change. For Vattenfall, the electrification of society and industry is at the core of our business strategy. The development and optimisation of value chains based on offshore wind and fossil-free hydrogen is an interesting way forward. Our strong and growing Swedish offshore wind development portfolio of currently more than 20 TWh offers ample opportunities”, says Anna Borg, CEO of Vattenfall.

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