Discover how we’re developing intelligent home energy solutions today, so you can live fossil free tomorrow.

Let your home power your life

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At Vattenfall, we want to make it easier for anyone who wants to live a fossil free life. Not only by supplying energy from fossil free sources, but also by developing solutions which allow individuals, families and businesses to contribute to the production and consumption of fossil free energy. From electric vehicle charging, heating solutions such as heat pumps and storage technologies to local power generation such as rooftop solar panels. We believe that decentralised renewable energy sources have a huge role to play on our journey to fossil free living within one generation. 

Hot news in sustainable home heating

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We have launched a brand-new, high-temperature heat pump system that can heat your home without any natural gas. From mid-2022, this simple and affordable alternative to the gas-fired central heating boiler will be available for installation in homes in the Netherlands. Thanks to the combination of the effective electric heat pump, an intelligent control and a layered buffer tank, this high-temperature heat pump can easily replace the central heating boiler.

“A single-family home can be made natural gas-free in two days with this new, innovative heat pump. To heat these homes with traditional heat pumps that supply low or medium temperature heat, expensive preparatory measures are required. In many cases, this means installing underfloor heating and/or extensive post-insulation of the home. Vattenfall sees that these costs, soon around EUR 25,000, the 'hassle' of the work and the long lead time are a major obstacle for homeowners to make the step to fully electric heating,” says Cindy Kroon, Head of Customers & Solutions in the Netherlands.

Energy sharing and collaboration is the future

Sharing energy is a great way to make the most of renewable energy sources. That’s why we launched Powerpeers in the Netherlands. Powerpeers is both a marketplace and a community where customers can receive and share their self-generated energy. This is a great way to enable more people to benefit from renewable energy sources.

We also need a strong community in Germany to avoid emitting CO2. Our local app ‘Naturate’ helps users to calculate, optimise and offset their personal greenhouse gas emissions. Naturate motivates users with simple tips to make their everyday lives more climate-conscious and environmentally friendly. These tips are individually adapted to your lifestyle, simple and scientifically based. In addition, we offer our German community inspiration for a more sustainable, climate-conscious life with the my Highlights Partner Programme.

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