Magnus Hall in call to action for European sustainability

Vattenfall's CEO Magnus Hall has endorsed a European sustainability call to action, CEOs Call To Action – A New Deal for Europe with more than one hundred other European business leaders.


Magnus Hall, CEO and President of Vattenfall.

This has been organized by the collaboration platform CSR Europe, where Vattenfall is a member, with the aim of inspiring and leading the way to a sustainable European society that follows the UN's global targets in Agenda 2030.

"Sustainability is the basis for Vattenfall's strategy and is a prerequisite for long-term profitability. We also see a clear need to collaborate around this issues to bring about a fast transition which we are endorsing by signing up for this call to action," says Magnus Hall, CEO and President of Vattenfall.

In line with our own strategy

The call to action is in line with Vattenfall's own strategy that is founded on a set of targets based on future trends and the competitive market the company operates in, and in combination with the demands placed on Vattenfall's operations.


The strategy can be summarized according to four strategic objectives:

  • Leading towards Sustainable Consumption by increasing customer centricity, building a sizeable position in decentralized energy and promoting electrification and a climate smart society.
  • Leading towards Sustainable Production by growing in renewables and implementing our CO2 roadmap to make fossil-free living possible within one generation.
  • Having High Performing Operations by improving operational efficiency, accelerating digitalization and taking social and environmental responsibility throughout the value chain.
  • Having Empowered and Engaged People by being an attractive employer, developing an engaging and inclusive company culture and securing necessary competence through recruitment and continuous learning. 

"Agenda 2030 is very much about partnerships and collaboration, issues we can clearly see facilitate innovation and boost the development towards a more sustainable society. Just take our industrial collaborations to develop fossil-free industrial processes such as HYBRIT and our partnerships with Preem, Boliden and Cementa. These clearly support our own strategy to be a leader within sustainable generation and consumption to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. They also clearly support many of the Agenda 2030 goals," says Vattenfall's Head of Sustainability Annika Ramsköld. 

Agenda 2030 - FNs globala mål.png

Agenda 2030 – The UN's Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 global goals for sustainable development were adopted in 2015 by more than 150 countries. Vattenfall's strategy particularly supports the development goals for Affordable and clean energy (#7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (#9), Sustainable cities and communities (#11), Responsible consumptions and productions (#12), Climate action (#13) and Partnerships for the goals (#17).

Vattenfall's operations contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Six goals were identified in 2016 as the most relevant for Vattenfall. The company also contributes to many other goals, for instance human rights at a local level and indirectly through our supply chain.

"Also within our supply chain, we have initiated and are driving a number of industrial initiatives, such as the WindEurope Sustainability platform, Bettercoal, Sustainable Biomass Program and many more. The aim of these initiatives is to put in place common minimum sustainability requirements for different industrial players and drive towards continuous improvements and transparency when it comes to sustainability work," continues Annika Ramsköld.

CEOs Call To Action – A New Deal for Europe (PDF)

CSR Europe

By Henrik Svensson

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