From Vattenfall Diversity Month to Pride Season 2024

At Vattenfall, we celebrated our diversity through a series of events addressing all dimensions of diversity. Before taking a look forward to our Vattenfall Pride Season 2024, it’s worth looking back at some interesting insights.

Truly inclusive employers understand the complexity of their workforce when it comes to people’s backgrounds. Vattenfall Diversity Month was an opportunity to shed some light on the different dimensions of diversity, for example gender and sexual orientation, ethnicity and worldview or age. The concept of equity was introduced to underscore that one size does not fit all. The first and single most important step towards real inclusion is listening to people’s experience, needs and perspectives.

Åsa Jamal, Senior Vice President Communications says:

“Vattenfall Diversity Month in May was an opportunity to broaden our awareness and learn more about all dimensions of diversity. Learning begins with listening. In Vattenfall’s yearly employee survey, our index for Diversity and Inclusion rose to a staggering 88 per cent favourable in 2023. This means that our people acknowledge that we walk the talk, that they enjoy our corporate culture and trust our ambition to drive Diversity & Inclusion. And we are not stopping here, but rather accelerating to be a truly inclusive company where everyone have equal opportunity to contribute to our goal – working for fossil freedom.”

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Introducing the equity concept

Equity is the step that follows listening. It is different from equality, recognising that we have to meet people were they are and offer tailored solutions. A family policy for all employees might not recognize the specific needs of rainbow families who adopt children. Job ads might not  use language that encourages women and people of other backgrounds relating to our dimensions of diversity to apply and take a chance. Generic workstations may not always work for people with certain disabilities.

All this can be a challenge for people who want to succeed at their job and contribute to our goal of making fossil freedom a reality with their unique skills. Equity is the work that aims at closing gaps and providing solutions in our people's experience to ensure everyone feels included.

In line with best practice standards, Diversity & Inclusion at Vattenfall will now be called Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This will set the scene for further action, driving our ambition for change towards real inclusion.

Vattenfall Pride Season 2024 events

Starting in June, Vattenfall recognizes the great contributions of its LGBTQ+ employees. This year, we will attend the Pride events in Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Katowice.

There will also be an internal kick-off event about LGBTQ+ representation and rights in the workplace, which is a Creative Jam Sessions event, including watch parties, as well as two workshops given by LGBTQ+ influencer and entrepreneur, Max Appenroth, for our managers, leaders and all those who want to be better allies. Happy Pride, everyone!

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