Vattenfall appoints new Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Tuomo Hatakka takes over the responsibility as "Diversity and Inclusion Officer" within Vattenfall. Tuomo Hatakka has been part of Vattenfall's Group Management since 2005 and is currently responsible for the company’s Business Area Heat and Country Manager for Vattenfall in Germany.

Tuomo Hatakka will step into his new role on July 1st. He takes over from Annika Viklund, Head of Business Area Distribution, who has held the assignment for two years.

"I'm very proud to succeed Annika. She has, along with her team, laid a very good foundation, which I intend to build on. Diversity and Inclusion is very important to me and I felt honored when Magnus Hall asked me to take over this role,” says Finnish-born Tuomo Hatakka.

The assignment as D&I Officer rotates between members of the Executive Group Management and is held for two years.

“Diversity and Inclusion is not an end in itself, it is rather about doing better business by utilising and making the best of everyone's different skills and competencies," says Vattenfall's CEO Magnus Hall.

"Having people with different perspectives on things creates the conditions for doing better business. It means looking for different approaches to the challenges we face, to truly represent our outside world and to have a wide selection of candidates, when we need to recruit. I also believe that it provides a more tolerant climate in our workplaces and brings greater job satisfaction, "says Magnus Hall.

Importance of diversity and inclusion
Vattenfall appointed a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Officer two years ago to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion in everyday work life.

"Although much positive has already been done, much still remains to be done to change the view of diversity and inclusion within Vattenfall. We should achieve a more even gender distribution within Vattenfall, not the least within BA Heat, where we need to increase the number of female managers. It's one of the areas I will prioritize in my next two years," says Hatakka.

Hatakka also wants to create a culture where people feel appreciated and given the opportunity of development at work, regardless of age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, education, etc.

"Throughout the years, I have worked in many different countries and cultures where I have met diversity. No matter where I’ve been, I've always been very impressed by the talents I met. I am truly convinced of the importance of equal opportunities. Everyone should have a fair chance of developing professionally within Vattenfall,” says Tuomo Hatakka.

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