Vattenfall and Kaunis Iron in a new partnership concerning electrified fossil-free mining operations

Vattenfall AB and Kaunis Iron AB have signed a letter of intent to develop fossil-free and electrified mining operations at the iron ore mine in Pajala.

The collaboration means finding business solutions to reduce the need for fossil fuels in the mining operations. Here, future wind power projects such as Käymävaara and Selkävaara can play an important role.

"We have high ambitions when it comes to not merely meeting the requirements already in place for sustainability. We have expressed our vision that we will supply the world's most sustainable iron ore. This is an important step in achieving that goal," says Klas Dagertun, CEO, Kaunis Iron.

"It is very positive that we are now joining forces with Kaunis Iron to take a step towards increased electrification in order to phase out fossil fuels, which is a necessary step in our joint work on the greatest challenge of our time. Fossil-free solutions have a natural place in future society and basic industry," says Anna Borg, President and CEO of Vattenfall.

Vattenfall and Kaunis Iron also want to develop solutions for the electrification of rock and passenger transports in the mine and other parts of the plant in the mining area wherever possible. An investigation is already underway into fossil-free transport solutions between the mine in Kaunisvaara and the transshipment terminal in Pitkäjärvi.

"The Swedish mining industry is facing major changes to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and develop climate-efficient and responsible mining operations. This is a prerequisite for the transition to a sustainable society, and contributing to a local development with a minimal climate impact. Kaunis Iron wants to take active responsibility for this development, and that is why this collaboration with Vattenfall is very important," says Klas Dagertun, CEO, Kaunis Iron.

For further information, please contact:

Vattenfall: Magnus Kryssare, Press Secretary, tel. +46 (0) 76-769 56 07,

From Vattenfall's Press Office, tel.: +46 (0)8-739 50 10, email:

Kaunis Iron: Åsa Allan, Vice President, responsible for sustainability issues, tel. +46 (0) 72 724 41 20, email:




Vattenfall is a leading European energy provider, which for more than 100 years has electrified industries, supplied energy to people’s homes, and modernised our way of living through innovation and cooperation. We now want to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. That is why we are driving the transition to a sustainable energy system through initiatives in renewable generation and climate smart energy solutions for our customers. We employ approximately 20,000 people and run operations mainly in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. Vattenfall is owned by the Swedish state. For more information:

Kaunis Iron:

Kaunis Iron reopened the iron ore mine in Pajala in 2018. Our ambition is long-term, and we wish to establish mining operations for future generations as well. For us, this means a mining industry that retains its roots in the town, creates value for Norrbotten County, and contributes to the development of society in Pajala, while also taking a strong position in the global market. We work to meet the three aspects of the sustainability concept: social sustainability, economic sustainability and ecological sustainability. We currently have an annual production of 2.1 million tons of finished product, and plan to put two new open-cast mines into operation. Our vision is challenging. We say we will develop the world's most sustainable iron ore.

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