Ray Wind Farm

Operating since 2017, Ray Wind Farm is an onshore project situated on the Ray Estate in Northumberland.


A battery system is now in operation at Ray Wind Farm.

Enhancing biodiversity at Ray Wind Farm

Find out more about our work behind the scenes to improve biodiversity.

Local expertise

Find out what a team of local experts do onsite to keep the turbines at Ray generating fossil free electricity.

Investing in the Community

The community benefit fund at Ray is helping to revitalise village assets and supporting local businesses and groups.

Ray Wind Farm is our largest onshore project in England, providing enough electricity to power over 30,000 homes annually.*

Photo of wind turbines located in a green landscape, with blue skies above.

Ray Wind Farm

Key facts

No. of Turbines 16
Wind turbine capacity 3.4MW
Total installed capacity 54.4 MW
Average annual homes equivalent Over 30,000*
Estimated operational life 25 years
Hub height  73m
Rotor diameter 104m
Site and access roads 11.2km
Grid connection 24.5km from Ray to Fourstones


Investing in the Community

As part of the fund's consultation, local people living within a 10km radius of the wind farm shared their views on the fund. Following this, Vattenfall appointed local representatives to ensure the fund is used to provide the greatest possible benefit for local people. The findings of the consultation were published and a review of these findings set the priorities for the Fund. These are:

  • Improving community services and facilities, such as village halls and churches

  • Promoting rural regeneration (including superfast broadband, sustainable transport, active travel,employment, housing, tourism, business development, apprenticeships and training)

  • Increasing participation in and access to sports, culture, events and recreational activity

  • Enhancing and preserving the natural environment for residents and visitors, nature trails, clearing pathways and waterways; planting orchards

  • Celebrating the area’s cultural, historical and archaeological heritage

Find out more about the projects that have been funded so far and how you can apply to the fund here.


Winter rock scene
Steve Pirie
Vattenfall Wind Power, Project Contact

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