Swinford Wind Farm

Swinford Wind Farm is an 11 turbine onshore project located in Leicestershire.

Community investment

The community fund is run by the Eight Parishes CIC. They administer the annual grant of £44,000 from Vattenfall for the benefit of the local community. Find out more about their work, and some of the projects that have been supported with the funding.

The wind farm has been operating since 2012 with 50% of the spend from construction going to UK companies.

Overview of Swinford Wind Farm
During construction, Vattenfall ran a youth project with the Rural Youth Voice Project to involve young people in the development of the project and the community fund.

Key facts:
22 MW 
11 turbines
Average annual homes equivalent
Over 16,500*



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Andrew Claridge
Associate O&M Manager

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The wind industry is expected to generate thousands of skilled jobs across the UK.

EOWDC Scientific Research

At our wind farms a year round programme of environmental monitoring takes place.

We invest over £3mn into the local communities hosting our wind farm projects each year.