Edinbane Wind Farm has been in operation since 2010, powering around 24,000 homes annually

Edinbane is an 18 turbine wind farm, located on the Isle of Skye. 

As well as producing renewable electricity, the 41.4MW project is also making an important contribution to the local community. During construction, contracts worth around £12m were awarded to companies in the Highlands and Skye.

The project also provides a community fund in the local area which has been used to benefit the those who live and work close to this project in a number of different ways, including an apprenticeship scheme.

Edinbane is an 18 turbine wind farm, located on the Isle of Skye.


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Key facts

Electricity capacity 41.4 MW
Annual electricity generation 128GWh
No of Turbines 18
Operational 2010


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