The next generation of wind power

Edinbane Wind Farm has been in operation since 2010, powering around 34,000 homes annually. Repowering the site would see up to 19 turbines replacing the existing wind farm, with a capacity of up to 90MW.

Edinbane Repowered - Feedback from exhibitions

In April 2023 we held public exhibitions to provide people with the opportunity to find out more about the proposal and provide feedback to Vattenfall on the scheme at an early stage in the design process. You can view the information gathered from the feedback below. All of the key information we displayed is still available via our online virtual village hall, linked below.

Why Repower?

Edinbane’s current turbines represent the first-generation of wind turbine technology. Big advances have been made, meaning that repowering the site would significantly increase the amount of renewable electricity produced.

How to Repower?

The existing 18 turbines are removed from the site. Vattenfall commits to a landfill ban and to recycle all wind turbine blades by 2030.

The site is repowered with new machines. The existing site boundary will not change. 


Scoping report

The scoping report can be viewed below, which includes details of the initial proposals. These plans will go on to be shaped by the outcome of the Environmental Impact Assessment and through engagement with key stakeholders including local communities, giving local people an opportunity to get involved in this developing the project.

Scoping Report Figure 1.1 Site Location
Figure 1.2 Initial Site Layout Figure 6.1 LVIA Study Area & ZTV of Proposed Development to blade tip
Figure 6.2 LVIA Study Area of ZTV of Proposed Development to hub height Figure 6.3 Comparative ZTV 45km
Figure 6.4 Landscape Planning Designations within 45km Figure 6.5 Landscape Character within 10km
Figure 6.6 Topographic Map within 10km Figure 8.1 Vantage points and viewsheds


Edinbane Wind Farm

During construction contracts worth around £12m were awarded to companies in the Highlands and Skye.

The operational project also provides a community fund in the local area which to date has paid out over £1.3 million.

Investing in local communities

Learn more about the community fund.

Edinbane Wind Farm (operational) Contact

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Vattenfall Wind Power, Project Contact

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