UK Wind Energy Supply Chain

Engagement and strategic collaboration are key to gearing up for the varied and diverse opportunities ahead. 

There are companies of all sizes and backgrounds working and thriving in the wind industry. By 2030 our wind farms could power around 5 million UK homes and create thousands of skilled jobs across the UK, making wind the backbone of a reliable, affordable and fossil free energy system. 

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm construction phase

Find out more about the opportunities available within the offshore wind industry.

The Offshore Wind Sector Deal

Danielle Lane , Vattenfall's UK Country Manager talks about the potential of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal, a partnership between the UK Government and the offshore wind industry to deliver an ambitious vision that will see at least 30GW of offshore wind delivered in the UK by 2030.

Who can benefit?

It may sound vague, but the answer is “anyone”. Some quite small enterprises from the UK have become exporters to other markets already and much more of this is possible.

Working in onshore wind - NetZero jobs

Find out more about the supply chain and employment opportunities in onshore wind from Jon O'Sullivan, Head of Onshore Operations and Maintenance for Vattenfall in the UK.

Case study: “Life-changing” new careers in offshore wind

Eighteen months ago, wind turbine inspection technicians David Larter and Ben Kirchell were unemployed.

Now, with £10,000 of training each and experience of working on three offshore wind farms, they hope to be in the Vattenfall contract workforce.

Both had been in 'dead end jobs' in their coastal hometowns and wanted to build careers for the future when an opportunity arose to join the fastest-growing industry on their doorstep.

Ben Kirchell described his new job as “life-changing.”

Both men enrolled on the first cohort of the 12-week Offshore Wind Skills Centre transition course at East Coast College, Great Yarmouth, designed for unemployed people with no engineering experience and delivering training worth £5,500 each.

When course finished, both were offered jobs by 3sun Group, that led the drive to set up the employer-led course, and went through three-weeks of inspection training, adding up to a training investment of £10,000 each.

David, of Lowestoft, and Ben, of Caister, near Great Yarmouth, have worked on three offshore wind sites constantly since finishing the course.

Ben said: “I’ve gone from being unemployed after drifting through dead end jobs and working in fast food to being skilled and having a career in an industry close to home that is just growing and growing with work ahead for decades.

“I can’t believe my luck and was thrilled to get my first pay. The industry is here on our doorsteps and I can see how I can progress.”

David said: “Joining 3sun Group was a brilliant career move.”

3sun Group

3sun Group already employs 200 technicians and up to 30 new jobs will be created through their latest contract with Vattenfall, the largest contract in the history of the Great Yarmouth-based business.

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Projects in the pipeline

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm

Planning projects to deliver electricity to more than 3.9mn UK homes.

Image of rows of wind turbines located in the blue ocean.

In Kent, we have a cluster of three offshore wind farms.

Image of a female Vattenfall worker hanging in a safety rope on the side of a wind turbine.

South Kyle Wind Farm is a 50 turbine onshore wind project.