How do you manage your climate anxiety?

Feeling climate anxiety? That’s why we’ve launched Engineerapy, where some of Sweden and Finland's sharpest engineers within climate research will answer questions about the progress being made. We want to continue sharing positive news about the climate and show that we’re committed to working towards our goal – fossil free living within one generation.

Please note that you can no longer book Engineerapy. 

Super-soothing tracks

Is the climate  challenge  keeping you awake too? Listen to our Super-soothing-climate-progress-engineering-tracks on Spotify.


"When apocalyptic reporting on the climate dominates, people become paralyzed. We need a more balanced conversation about the climate."

Dr. Knut Ivar Karevold, climate psychologist

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Listen to Super-soothing-climate-progress-engineering-tracks on Spotify. 

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We have decided to make the biggest leap yet to reduce the impact of climate change.