Our energy sources

Vattenfall is investing in a greater share of renewable generation.

Vattenfall produces electricity from many types of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, waste, coal and natural gas. We are actively phasing out fossil-based production and investing in a greater share of renewable generation.

Wind power

Wind power is one of the most important renewable energy sources to use if we want to limit global warming and contribute to Vattenfall's goal of fossil freedom.

Tuggen hydroelectric power station, Sweden

Hydro power is economically attractive and has low levels of CO2 emissions.

Interior view of a nuclear power plant reactor

Nuclear power generation plays a key role in supporting the energy transition.

Crane picking up woodchips

Biomass is a renewable energy source and can be used to produce both heat and electricity.

Solar energy

The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly, and they are now among the cheapest forms of electricity generation. Volumes of solar panels will continue to grow in our core markets and around the world.

Exterior view of a waste incineration plant in Uppsala, Sweden

Waste can be used as fuel instead of being sent to landfill.

Stainless steel pipes in the Diemen gas power plant

Natural gas can be a transition fuel in the conversion to climate neutrality.

A coal mountain with a conveyor belt above it

Vattenfall is phasing out fossil fuels, including coal.

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Children playing with a Carrera track

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Wind turbines and solar cells

Vattenfall is phasing out fossil production and investing in renewables.