Nuclear power

Nuclear sourcing

Vattenfall aims to set and maintain high standards on its fuel sourcing. This is a long-term endeavour with continuous improvement at its core. Different fuels present different challenges but we always act systemically with our long-term goals in mind.

Issues relating to uranium include:

  • Mine worker health and safety
  • Local ground water impacts
  • Indigenous peoples' rights
  • Site remediation
  • Uranium supplies are, over time, equally spread among Canada, Australia and Kazakhstan. 

Nuclear fuel suppliers are screened and approved by Vattenfall before they deliver. The approval process contains several steps such as actual on-site audits to verify that the supplier takes proper consideration of matters such as quality, environment, working conditions, human rights, and local community impact.

The approval process also includes regular screening activities, including evaluation of country (i.e. the location of the production facility) and industry specific risks and supplier policies and their communication on the implementation of practices. Furthermore, all nuclear fuel–related contracts signed after 2008 include a clause on the UN Global Compact principles.

Vattenfall is an active member of the World Nuclear Association initiative "Corporate Social Responsibility at Mining and Other Fuel Cycle Facilities".

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